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MyHLNet.com is a membership referral network dedicated to promoting small and home-based businesses. We maintain our members' well-being through the mind, body, and financial wellness by building meaningful friendships, strengthening our families, and promoting healthy communities. This forum is designed for us to express ourselves freely and exchange ideas. We ask everyone to respect our elected officials, governments, Religious groups, members, and members' choice of faith. Together we will find solutions because we have many concerns!

Our Mission is to understand our World and Search for Truth!

We are the silent majority of people whose concerns are not adequately addressed by the media or other groups. We are inviting smart, independent thinkers to share their knowledge, interests, and experience. Together we will journey to understanding and prosperity, leaving a better world for our friends, families, and future generation. Poverty is not cool!

Join the conversation! Topics of discussion include Student loans, burdensome debt, HOA street, and gate restriction, land and property rights, HOA violations, HOA home foreclosure, who is the owner of planet earth, the effect of slavery and oppressive business models, racism, discrimination, civil rights, civil liberties, what value does Police officers, the public and our elected officials place on our lives, the need for Cell Groups, Cancer, chronic illnesses, debt relief, poverty, global warming, individual responsibility to preserve our planet, the Homeless, housing, family values, meaningful friendships, retirement, parental rights, parent financial support, children’s responsibilities, unhealthy communities, chronic stress, healthy living, marketing ideas, how to start a small or home-based business and to promote My HLNet's social network.

We encourage you to share your concerns on our contact us page.  Join the conversation by becoming a member at www.healthylivingministries.org and contribute to existing topics or post new topics because we have many concerns. 

Let’s discuss the social concerns of our local communities!


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