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About myhlnet

About Health Living Network We provide our members with business opportunities, quality products, services, information, and reviews.  Our Mission is to promote the small and home-based business to make them profitable. This new business model provides economic freedom, reduces mortgage default, student loan default, reduces cancer, and other illnesses caused by chronic stress due to burdensome debt and unhealthy H.O.A. communities. We believe a home is a sanctuary and strive to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, have debt-free homes, retire in communities that respect and preserve our basic rights, and an ongoing pursuit of happiness. HL Net’s mission is to promote small and home-based businesses to make them profitable. We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and protecting the environment. 

Business Opportunities, Lucrative Home Based Business:
Find your footing in a difficult job market by establishing your own home-based business; you are in charge! The job market has changed significantly over the past years, and HL Net Inc. provides a way out of future unemployment and assures financial stability by sharing our business model. We are a team with over 30 years of Sales and Marketing experience that provides a simple and safe way to financial freedom because every home is a business.

Economically Foolproof:
Receive the encouragement and knowledge needed to determine your own success. Our opportunities are both full or part-time, so you can also supplement an existing income. HL Net Inc. is a membership network; you have to be a paid member to take advantage of this unique opportunity. We are so confident you will succeed that we'll issue a refund if you cannot meet the minimum requirements after 12 months.

Good Ideas Prevailed:
Members can comfortably participate in the economic wealth of the world. We uphold a high standard that enables our members to put their good ideas to work to pay off student loans, mortgages, and other troublesome debt.

Faith & Wisdom Center:About HL Net
Faith: Our individual choice of faith is an asset to our network; our members are encouraged to exercise Faith, Wisdom, and Understanding to solve complex challenges. We are committed to providing business opportunities and training for Cell Groups and other groups. Learn how to connect with the member's referral business model, also known as the Divine Prosperity Business Model.  Exercise your Faith, sow a financial seed to yourself, start-up your small or home-based business, and experience the joy of financial freedom.

A Healthy Distribution of Wealth:
Contribute to a fresh take on society - a more harmonious and fairway of trading. We are committed to reducing poverty and giving hope to the working poor!